Dumb people are dumb

Dumb Comment


So yesterday was the comic about a boy and girl who fall in love, get married and have a kid… but then the wife farts in bed and the guy stops loving her. Like over the top ridiculous , as usual. Like impossible to take seriously… right? Wrong….

One guy comments “I’m a man, I know woman fart, they are still beautiful” , something like that. Anyway, to translate that dumb comment into English is, “Hey ladies, I don’t have a girlfriend so i will try suck up and protect womans, please love me, somebody, anybody”. Something like that. I deleted the comment before i had the idea to screenshot dumb comments. But luckily, this tool popped up and I screenshat this one.

Dumb Comment

Ok…. Firstly… Men are “Scrum”? Isn’t that a rugby term? Anyway, this is what annoys me “Wait till this asshole learns about periods, labor and what girls do on the toilet”. Did you even read the first 4 frames of the comic? They met as kids, they got married, they had a child…. So the guy definitely knows about labor. They’re living together so he knows what she does on the toilet. Oh and you really think he could be with this person for 10 years and not hear her fart? ….and also…. it’s a comic.

Like… why would anyone think this really happens ?