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Ok, so… Howzit! I’ve got plenty to moan about, but I’m not going to because I don’t want to put myself in a bad mood. Happy thoughts, Happy Topics… oh ya, Death! So I made a comic about superman playing Frisbee with his Dag, and he accidentally kills the poor little dag. The Dag actually was a murdering dog, so Superman saved us, but superman didn’t know the dog was a killer yet… so is Superman still a dick? I dunno, whatver, i made all that up and i’ve lost interest in that now, but what I do think would be quite fun to keep track of is how many things die in my comics, and which deaths get the most anger.

I want to have a kill tracker that I update after every death. But that’s later later, for now I’m just going to type it out.

Comic Deaths:


  • Dude from the Magic 8 Ball Comic
  • Dad from the Drill Comic
  • Child from the Nemo comic
  • Mario eats the Poisonous Mushroon
  • Lady from Jesus-Man


  • Garfield
  • Buttered Toast Cat


  • Superman Frisbee


  • 2 ants from Star Trek for Ants

So 10 deaths… thought it would be more. Anyway, the weird thing is, the deaths that got the most anger were the Dog and the Cat from Buttered toast. Nobody seems to care when a person dies, but have a dog or cat die and you’re super evil 😂.

Cool, so hopefully i remember to keep track of all the deadly goodness.

Oh, before I go. My friend sent me this last night and it’s amazingly funny

Piglet Poo