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Polony Rick


So, I’m making a blog section to post crappy stuff that aren’t fully cartoons. Also for when I just feel like talking kak. So pretty much, a blog.

I had a blog on the old site, and then tried to start again when I moved here… that didn’t last… this prolly won’t last either, but whatevs. Today I feel like trying again so lets see.

Anyway, this was like an intro post. I don’t want to have the longest posts in all the land, so i will try break them up into topics.

I need a featured image on the post so here is Polony Rick

Polony Rick

I can’t remember when I made this, it was sometime during that whole listeriosis thing that people cared about for a few minutes…. Haven’t heard much about listeriosis for a while actually. Prolly will be back in the news when the land grab crap is over and papers need something else to scare people about.