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Fikile tweets to vote for eff

Fikile Tweets register to Vote EFF

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Howzit! So, on Friday, Ex minister of police and current Minister of Fokkol, Tweeted out to his 1.3 million twitter followers, to Vote for the EFF  Apparently by accident , but I’m not so sure! I reckon he’s still a little pissed off about being minister of nothing. He’s now ANC’s head of elections, great start Fikile! To be fair though, I’ve done it before, you start typing the hashtag and it gives you options to auto finish the tag, sometimes you pick the wrong one, so yeah it happens…. But shouldn’t happen to a guy who spends his life on Twitter, also shouldn’t happen to the person called the ANC Elections Head

This cartoon is a 2 parter. I wanted to do the Minister of Fokkol toon a few weeks ago, but didn’t manage to fit it in. Now I could use the fokkol joke and have it be the reason why Fikile Tweeted what he tweeted, so it worked out ok. The screenshot of the Tweet is a little small here, This wordpress theme for some reason blurs my cartoons when it scales the size down, so i have to make the cartoon 600px wide for it not to blur. Prolly should’ve made the panels 1x2x2. Ah well….

Here’s a screenshot of the Tweet

Fikile Mbalula Vote EFF

Bonus Bonus Notes

So I’m starting to add stuff to the guys ties to help show who they are. Like Zuma had the shower head thing, I want to add something to peoples ties when i can. In this one, Cyril has buffalo horns on his tie, and Fikile’s tie knot is the shape of a twitter bird. It’s just a little extra fun, I’ve done the Fikile Twitter Tie before , but now wanna try make it like, my thing.

So , this was the first time i drew both Fikile and Cyril from my head. Usually i look at a picture of them but for fun I tried just drawing what I remembered.  They look weird, but i like it. Starting to enjoy this style. Not too sure how long I will do South African stuff for. I’m getting the urge to do a few normal comics for a while.

Got a pretty cool message from the Comedian , Dave Levinsohn.

Message from Dave

I dig this dude, I mainly knew him from funny adverts and stuff over the years. I actually saw him at a run once, and i was like hey it’s that funny guy from TV! Was too scared to say hello. I started listening to his Podcast last year when I got apple TV, really funny show. Anyway, it’s super cool hearing from people I’m a fan of. Like, I’m meeting so many people I never dreamed I would ever meet and it’s all thanks to a hobby 🙂 Man, it’s been such a cool few months!

And lastly, I sent my application to Sunday Times , I friend of mine joked and said I should and i laughed, but then the dudes at Africartoons said I should, what have you got to lose. So, yeah I’m 100% not good enough for Sunday Times, but I got nothing to lose…. So i sent an application… it was super sarcastic and not serious , prolly unprofessional… but hey, that’s me. I don’t think I could be in a paper, even if I was good enough. I like doing my own thing, I don’t like having a boss, and Zapiro said The management there is Hardcore… so yeah. Anyway, it was fun. I’ll post my application later on, after they announce who the new cartoonists is. I’m hoping it will be one of my friends, mainly David D or Avi. We’ll see. Oh, apparently they want you to cartoon for them exclusively, which sucks for existing cartoonists coz like, they’d have to pay a shitload for your one cartoon a week to make it worth doing. I doubt it will be enough to make a living from, but you can’t cartoon for anyone else, so like you’d have to have a second job that’s not cartooning. So like for Avi and David D, their cartoons are a hobby like mine, so they could manage. It would be extra pocket money for them, the attention you get from it would be cool too, would be cool to say you made cartoons for Sunday Times, even if it’s only for a year. The exclusivity thing is putting a lot of the big cartoonists off coz they’re already working for a few papers and won’t wanna give that up. I’m really interested to see who they go for. I was trying to think who it could be…. I’d say Brandon would be the best choice, but he’s like in a few papers already… would he give those papers up? Doubt it. Anyway, lets see.