Hello Howzit!

So yeah, I’m Scribbly G! I sometimes draw webcomics at night. I’ve always loved comics like Dilbert and The Far Side, and more recently, the webcomic “Heck If I Know“, but never really thought about making comics myself. I did make comics with friends back in school days, but yeah, it’s been years since i drew anything.

Dilbert BookDilbert 2.0

Earlier this year I got given the giant collectors edition of Dilbert cartoons, that got me in the mood to start making comics. I thought I’d make like a South African, Dilberty cartoon. I didn’t know much about Twitter, but i read that I should post the toons there. I made a few episodes and got a message from this dude saying he found my cartoons and would I like to join this whatsapp group with some of the Top cartoonists in South Africa… That sounded cool, So i gave him my number and he asked me to meet him at his house late at night and not to tell anyone where I was going and he would have lots of glorious sweets for me. Ok, I lie, that last part didn’t happen, but thinking back, it was a bit weird giving my number to some random dude on the internet. But to be fair, I did google him and he was who he said he was so yeah. Anyway, got added to this group and yoh! Zapiro! Rico! Jerm! Dr Jack! Chip! Like wow, these dudes are really the top cartoonists in South Africa! I then got invited to Cape Town for a Social Justice Convention with Africartoons where I got to meet these guys ! So awesome!

Africartoons Gift Bag

So yeah, I could stop making cartoons now and it would still be worth it just for having met these dudes! I still don’t know what I’m doing, I’m still learning, I’ve signed up for a few Udemy courses to help me improve my drawing, but mainly, I just want to have fun.

Yeah… That’s about all, except ya, I get asked a lot what I use to make my comics and it’s just an iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil thing.

Ipad ProiPad Pro, Apple Pencil and magical toys of inspiration… and ricoffy

If there’s anything else you need to know, send me a message on Facebook or Twitter. Or email me at