Scribbly G Bag

Howzit! (I’ll update this properly soonish)

I’m Scribbly G. I’ve been making comics since last year, I started off doing comics about South Africa . Was pretty cool, I got invited to some cartoonist convention thing where I got to meet South Africa’s top cartoonists. Pretty sweet!

My Africartoons Bag

After the convention I carried on making South African toons for a bit, but reading South African news started bumming me out, so I started making random webcomics to make myself want to kill myself less. I started enjoying webcomics more than the News comics so I’ve stopped making comics about our news and just focus on webcomics. Anyway, yeah… that’s all i have to say about that (Hear that in Forest Gump’s voice for extra funny points).

You can find me on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram if you wanna say hello!