First Hello of the Year!

The Complete Far Side Collection

Hey howzit peeps!

First blog post of the New Year! So, whats new?

Oh yeah, check what I got!

The Complete Far Side Collection

Yeah, the Complete Far Side Collection! It’s massive, and like a workout to read. It’s pretty cool, they’re separated into years, and they included some of the complaints people sent through to the papers. Awesome collection. Enjoying it way more than the Calvin and Hobbes collection. Cool, so buy it if you like the Far Side and have strong arms.


So, what else. I haven’t really been doing much drawing or practicing, i chilled a lot over the holidays. Slowly getting back into it. Not sure what to focus on, been busy doing the Er Mah Gerd Comic with the occasional random comic, but I think I want to aim for one random and one Bible comic a week. I get bored really quickly doing the same thing so need to mix it up. It’s also cool to mess around with different styles and stuff. I had an idea for another comic series, but it will have to be when I take a break from the Bible comic. Not enough time to have 2 series going at the same time.

Cool, so hopefully I get time to say howzit again soon!