Friday Free Time

original er mah gerd

Hey dudes! It’s Friday and I have some free time. Thought I’d say hello before I go home for the weekend. So , Hello!

My Bible comic has been doing quite well, and I’m enjoying it which is super bonus. The more you enjoy making something, the more time you will spend doing it an improving. I wanted to show you how much I’ve improved over the last few months with my webcomics. I had the idea for the Er Mah Gerd comic before I started Papa Africa, but I really knew nothing about making webcomics so I didn’t upload any of them. I did keep the original comics though.

Er Mah Gerd Old Vs New

original er mah gerd

To me I think I’ve gotten better, and it was all thanks to that Papa Africa comic. If i had used Er Mah Gerd as my first comic it would’ve looked like the left. But I stuck with Papa Africa as my practice comic while I learnt how to draw and make comics, a few months of that made me feel ready to go back the the Er Mah Gerd idea and I’m so glad I did. The crappy ones on the left actually took me way longer than the ones on the right. I’ve got another comic idea which to me is better than the Er Mah Gerd and Papa Africa ideas, but will stick with the Gerd comics for a while so I can hopefully improve more. I hope in another 6 months I can look at these comics and think they look rubbish compared to my future ones.

Anyway, what else. Oh, Rico from Madam and Eve wants to organise an end of year dinner thing for the Joburg cartoonists, next week Thursday in Rosebank. Hopefully i can make it, it’s our last week of work and rushing to try get everything done in time but I should be able to be there. Must remember to take my book for him to sign.

Cool, hopefully get time to draw this weekend, I have an Er Mah Gerd ready for Tuesday in case i get lazy (or play rocket league too much).