Longest Windows Update Ever

Windows Update Bored Scribble

Er Mah Gerd! Windows updated last night, it warned me it would be a long update, I shut down the pc and it wasn’t actually that long…. until this morning when I tried to turn on the computer. Switched on at 7, only finished installing at 10! 3 hours of update, the creative update or something, you wanna know what it does? It made that sticky note thing pop up on my desktop without me asking it to…. yeah thats pretty much all that happened. What a waste, and i forgot my iPad at home so couldn’t draw. Man I was angry, while I was on the phone I drew this, so what I gather from this amazing artwork was that I was angry enough to kick a baby!

Windows Update Bored Scribble

Stupid windows update making me draw a dude kicking a baby and making sticky notes open all the time.

Anyway, super busy weekend this weekend, not sure how much time I will have to make comics, but I will try. That thirsty comic did better than I was expecting, a lot of messages from peeps saying they can relate… and good, everyone should relate to that comic because sparkling water is the devil’s drink and you’re going to hell if you drink that shit. Actually, in the bible the forbidden fruit was the apple, sparkling water was the forbidden drink! Ya, for realzies!

Cool, sorry I haven’t been posting as much, but work should start quietening down from next week and I should post a bit more.

Laters, have a good weekend