Finally Friday!

Er Mah Gerd comic

Hey Howzit! Don’t think I’ve posted this week in the Blerg, work has been so busy. I did manage to put up the 2 ER MAH GERD! comics this week, but they went straight into the comic section and not the blerg first like I usually do.

I’m enjoying making the Er Mah Gerd comic, it’s more fun or me than Papa Africa was. I don’t know how far to push it. I don’t want to purposely offend anyone, it’s really just a comic version of the bible. A lot of the Bible doesn’t make sense, me pointing that out shouldn’t be offensive….

Er Mah Gerd comic

I could go on with the series for quite a while at 2 comic a week, but making 2 of the same comic every week gets a bit boring and making 3 comics would be really hard to keep up with. Might make 1 ER Mah Gerd and 1 other comic. See, this is the problem with webcomics, you’re supposed to pick a style or theme and stick to it to like build an audience…. I suck at that. I change style and topics too much, but if I don’t, I get bored. You could make a second page and share one style on one page and the other somewhere else, but man that would be like double the effort. I dunno, still learning. To me, like Mr Curtis told me, just keep drawing. I need to do whatever I can to keep me having fun so I will get better.

Anyway, Finally it’s weekend! Wahoo!