Stormy Wednesday

Er Mah Gerd Comic the beginning

Hey Howzit!

Super storm of Doom on the way to work this morning, maybe the big man upstairs was sending me a message about my new comic strip 😂.

Got quite a nice response to the Er Mah Gerd! Comic. A few people asked if I can make a whole series on it…. which was the plan so yeah fosho! I was told to put it on something called webtoons? Put the first one up, someone asked me when the 2nd one will be up but not much else there. Not sure if I will put more there, seems like there are a gazillion other toons so not much chance of it being seen. They do have a pretty cool layout though.

Er Mah Gerd Comic the beginning

This is tomorrow’s comic, but real work it pretty busy, and will be till we close on the 15th so I’m trying to put the toons up on the site whenever I get time. On facebook and Twitter it will be the usual Tuesday and Thursday 9am-ish coz that’s quick, but on the site it will be random for the next few weeks.

Tonight I want to do more Udemy learning…. but dude, this Rocket League Game keeps calling my name….