Hungry Monday

Er Mah Gerd Comic

Hey Howzit.

Man I’m hungry, had to be at work at 6 this morning, its 10 now, finally getting a break to eat something.

I’m so fooking sore, Ran a trail this weekend, the first trail run since the Ox Pecker back in May. This wasn’t even that far, but I’m broken. Need to get back into this trail running thing. After the run We went for all we could eat sushi and then I passed out for the day. Sunday I wanted to draw… but… Rocket League finally has South African servers! For 2 years I’ve struggled with terrible ping, but now we can play the game how it was meant to be played. I wasted tons of hours playing that on Sunday, so no drawing. Luckily I made tomorrow’s comic on Friday.

Er Mah Gerd Comic

So this will be the first episode of Er Mah Gerd! I’ll make a section for it somewhere.

Anyway, back to work. Maybe see you tomorrow!