Er Mah Gerd!

Er Mah Gerd Comic

Oh, Hello…. Didn’t see you there.

So , howzit going? I’ve decided what my next strip will be to replace Papa Africa for a few weeks. It’s a comic strip about the Bible. It will probably anger some people, but that’s not the goal of the comic… well, not the main goal. I just wanted to make a comic about some of the things from the Bible that didn’t really make sense to me. It’s called Er Mah Gerd!

I grew up going to church, I went to Sunday school, I went to that thing on Wednesday at the church, they called it youth or something. I don’t remember there being a sign or logo, but everyone was like , “you coming to youth?”. I loved youth, we played games ,got sweets, and for like 30 minutes we had to listen to Uncle Richard talk about Jesus. I didn’t mind learning about Jesus, I just think a lot of the Bible made no sense… and I would ask uncle Richard to explain because I couldn’t understand. I could see he didn’t like when I asked questions, but equally , I don’t like someone telling me something that sounds fake.

I still remember my last day at Youth. It was a normal Wednesday night, I had just finished destroying everyone at dodge ball, I won my chocolate for being awesome, and now we had to go learn more about this Jesus guy. So Uncle Richard was saying that God has the power to do anything, he can change anything, do anything, make people do whatever he wanted. So I asked, why doesn’t he stop a murderer from murdering… Uncle Richard looked at me, slightly more annoyed that usual, and said “because God isn’t a bully….”. Now to me, that wasn’t a good enough answer… This guy has the power to do anything, but he won’t stop a murder because he’s not a bully? How is stopping a murder…. bullying? Isn’t murder worse than bullying. So pretty much, he could stop someone from being killed, he could stop a child from losing his dad, he could…. but he doesn’t want to be a bully…. like what, the murder’s mom is going to call God’s mom and shout at her for God bullying her murderous kid? I said, “if that’s true, then God is a Dick.” I was asked to leave.

So anyway, I’m not a bad guy because I don’t believe in Jesus, I’m actually a very nice guy. I’m one of the most helpful people in all the land… but just because I openly say I don’t believe in Jesus, people think I’m bad. I think non-jesus believers get treated unfairly. Someone who believes in Jesus can run around shouting how much he loves the bible, and you can’t say anything. But if you mention you’re not a believer, they’re allowed to tell you how wrong you are. I don’t care what people believe, all I want is to have everyone be treated the same. If you want to talk about your beliefs , I should be allowed to talk about mine. I have an uncle who recently found Jesus. When he comes over he preaches non stop about his love for his lord… and I have to sit there and listen, and I’m not allowed to say anything because I will offend him… again, why does the offense only work one way? Why am I not allowed to say his belief offends me. We should all be able to believe what we want, and if you can talk about what you believe in then I should be able to talk about what I believe in. I had to block my uncle and his wife from my facebook now, because these toons could offend them…. ok I don’t have to, but I did it because I don’t want to offend him. So even though I know it’s stupid to be offended by a silly cartoon, I still love my uncle and I know he won’t like it, so rather him not see it. Anyone I don’t know, I don’t really care about, so if it offends them then they just mustn’t read it. People post pictures of Jesus everyday, saying pray for this, pray for that, Imagine if I wrote on every post… “Excuse me, this offends me.”. People would lose their shit, but it’s the same thing. Either we’re all allowed to talk about our beliefs or nobody should. It shouldn’t be only one side allowed to scream about it.

Anyway, sorry , that was longer than I expected… I just have tons to say about religion. That’s why I’m going to enjoy making this strip.

Er Mah Gerd Comic

So, the first episode will be on Tuesday. I have about the first 10 planned, I’ll see after 10 if I want to carry on with it or move to another series.

Oh, in case you were wondering, When I have a kid, I will send him to Sunday school. Not because I want him to learn about Jesus, just to learn about being a good person. Maybe I am such a good person because of church, they did teach me to be kind to everyone, and although I don’t believe in Jesus, I do believe in good and bad. If my kid decides he loves Jesus, then good for him. I don’t care what he believes in, as long as he’s not a dick.