Thursday Morning Coffee

mahlobo massage comic

Hey Hey!

Feck it’s cold today, yesterday was super hot and now today ultra cold, like make up your mind. Or just stay cold, i hate the heat.

So I managed to get the Papa Africa section of the site up to date. To celebrate this great success I decided to make another Papa Africa Comic…. I know , I said I was stopping for a while to focus on learning and other toons, but I got asked to make a cartoon about David Mahlobo . So last night i thought I’d try make a quick comic about him. It was super rushed, but also quite fun.

I really don’t know much about this guy, I’m trying not to pay attention to Politics anymore, it makes me too sad seeing the same old shit happening over and over again. People get angry and update their Twitter about how outraged they are, then forget about it the next week and move on to the next thing to cry about on Twitter. So , what I know about this David Mahlobo is, He is now the Minister of Energy, he has been appointed by Zuma to push through the Nuclear deal, He is best buds with a Rhino horn smuggler and he loves getting “massages”, oh and he’s fat as fuck!

mahlobo massage comic

Yeah…. I wouldn’t want to massage him.

Anyway, hopefully i do some learning tonight.

Later dudes