Coffee Break

random doodle

Hullo, you fools, I loves yous…

Howzit going?  New site is slowly slowly coming along. I got my random comics thing sorted, decided I’m not going to make a section for my randoms, rather just have my latest comic be on the front page and move back from there. The ones that get their own series I will make a section separate for them , but that’s still a while away.

The Papa Africa comic is finished for now, so I will put that in it’s own section eventually. Thinking of having a separate area for the South Africa type stuff. Thinking of doing the Bible comic as the next comic series for practice, maybe set a goal of 2 comics a week, 1 day the Bible comic and the other day just a random.

So anyway, I was reading something about making webcomics, and the advice is always , find your niche , keep the same humor and that . Yeah, I haven’t been doing that, I focused way too much time on Papa Africa so now when I want to make comics that aren’t related to South African politics, my followers are like, meh, when’s the next Papa Africa. I will do more Papa Africa’s, but for now I need to focus on new comics to help improve my style. I don’t like doing the same thing all the time, but that seems to be what most of the Webcomic dudes tell you to do. I dunno, I just want to get better at drawing and learning to make comics. I was also reading about other webcomics complaining about Facebook throttling their posts, so you have a page and make a post, but that post only gets shown to like 10% of your fans and you must pay Facebook to make sure everyone sees your post, that’s pretty dick Facebook. But whatever, that’s how everything works these days. Twitter shows all your followers your post, if they’re online at the right time, but with Twitter, most people will share anything you share…. as long as you share something they share. I dunno, I’m not a fan of sucking up for retweets and likes and stuff, If I like something, I share it, but that’s not how most twitter webcomics roll. That’s why I deleted my old Twitter account, my followers were full of other webcomics that would retweet you if you retweet them. When I made Scribbly G, I said I won’t do suck up retweets, it really effects the amount of webcomic creators that follow you, but that’s not really a bad thing.

Anyway, so I’ve been doing those Udemy courses, really enjoying it. I think it’s helped my not paying attention doodles. This dude I drew while on the phone, I can’t remember why i Drew it, but I dig it. I will call him Blerg!

random doodleBLERG

So yeah, time to get back to work.